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50" 6uy, can't get rid of 4:3 on SD

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I have a TH50PHD6UY. Recently I can't get SD 4:3 to expand to full screen. It did it before but not now. Am I missing something? TWC HD box, no problem before. Suggestions?

I know HD won't expand. This is SD.
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Buy a silver composite cable and plug it in the plasma composite video input. You have to switch back and forth when you watch HDTV.

The Good news is that you will be blown away by the picture quality improvement. 10%
Er um....what does using silver composite have to do with solving his problem? Been out in the sun too long again peter? ;)

Denny - check your stb settings...make sure you have it set to a 16:9 TV, and also see if you have 4:3 material set to sidebars. If so, try changing to stretch or zoom mode.
Just went through this issue myself with the 50 6UY. The TV will not stretch anything that comes out of my HD cable box, not even standard channels. I was forced to use the stretch and zoom features on the box, not the tv.

Before running an s-video or a composite out, check and see if your cable box has stretch and zoom settings.
My guess is the cable box is sending everything 1080i or 720P. No

display will stretch a HDTV signal. Some cable stbs have a "480i

bypass" setting to allow you to send 480i out as 480i, 480P or

the HDTV settting (720P or 1080i).

if you have a motorola 5100 (usually silver face) turn off the box and then press menu, it will give you a menu to set 4:3 bypass, set it to 480i.
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