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I know, this continues to get beaten to death and I'm sorry for asking again without doing my homework. My luck and receivers has spurred the need to buy a second receiver and just keep it as a back up for when the main unit goes down. In the past year I've gone through four receivers and instead of fighting it, I'm just going to have a back up plan. Plus I'm in a hurry. My AVR is limping, badly.

At any rate, I need to send in my receiver for repair (Marantz SR8001) and the turnaround will be four to six weeks with shipping back and forth. I'm strapped for cash at the moment and can only dump $500. Plus, my original plan was to use the Marantz until some good HDMI separates hit the streets. I don't want to continue throwing money away on receivers.

I have a 7.1 system and the receiver is downstream from my DVDO VP-50 before my projector (Pany 1000U). The VP-50 outputs 1080P/24, so I need a receiver that will strip the L-PCM audio off my BR and HD players, but not screw with the video stream.

I am also driving 4 ohm, full range speakers so I need a receiver that won't go into instant over current protection. I will just have to keep the volume lower than usual while this back up receiver is in use.

I really don't know what's available in this price range and don't have time to research the heck out of it. I'd like to get something in the mail tomorrow so I can send this broke Marantz out for repair.
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