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I am setting up a home theater.

Tentatively decided on Energy Take Five 5.1 speakers (~$400).

I am now trying to decide on a receiver.

My goals are to find one that is 1080p), bluetooth, USB media-compatibility, HD radio.

Maybe no receiver does all of this yet...but any suggestions?

Some promising candidates I'm looking at are:

STR-DN1000 7.1 receiver (~$390)

Yamaha RX-V565BL (~$430)

And one question:

Will a 7.1-rated receiver work with 5.1 speakers?

i.e., is there a way to tell 7.1 receivers to work in 5.1 mode?

Some of the features I want (analog upconversion) seem to only come

in the 7.1 receiver variety, not the 5.1.

Any suggestions appreciated,

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