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I have a new samsng hd 1080p 120hzs.

smsng bdp1500

H.K. cd player

att Uverse HD box

Front Speakers -Pardigm exports

Center -pardigm

Sub - big ass MK

Side -Altec Lansing model 9 S2

rears - Pardigm (something or other)

And that's it.

Receivers I have reviewed in house:

HK 254 - OSD issues - would not interface with TV

Yamaha 663 - Just a bad set-up. Unpredictable.

Onkyo 606 - Very Very hot. Can't get it to play the radio and have TV on monitor at the same time.

I need help !

Considering Denon 1909, but cost is sort of over my budget and I understand it has really hard to understand set up issues.

Also looking at Marantz - But which one is worth the money?

Appreciate any help I can get..............

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denon 1909 can be had under $500 at 6ave...just find the 25% off coupon. I just bought the 2309 there for a tad over $500.

Marantz are also very nice...easy to find deals on last years models. buy as many features that you will use as you can afford.

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You could get the Pioneer Elite VSX 01...I believe it can be had for a good deal at Videogon...Will2 is the seller and from what I found out on the VSX01 thread he is an authorized dealer. It would come in at just about your budget

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Originally Posted by k huntin /forum/post/15480024

okay thanks - I'll check it out.

And info on Marantz?

For $500 in a Marantz you're looking at this year's SR4003 or last year's SR5002 I'd think unless you'd consider a refurb, which might get you into 6/7002 territory. tundrSQ mentioned 6th Ave - they're also an authorized Marantz dealer.
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