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5040: Dish 301 receiver replaced, now problems with Blaster and Input settings

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I had a DishTV 301 receiver hooked up to my 5040 -- with the IR blaster code 1170, not 775 -- working well. I was using the coaxial connection from the 301 to the 5040. Basically, all I had done was switch the DishTv with my Comcast cable connection, and had never changed input settings on the Replay.

However, the 301 died. Dish replaced it with one of similar design. However, my old setup isn't working.

1. Blaster code 1170 no longer works. I tried the suggested 775, and am able to get the 301 to turn on when I go through the input setup. However, it's not clear if it's changing cnannels when timed recordings are to occur because

2. It seems like I can't change the input to the Replay in a way that "sticks." I now have both Line 2 (Svideo) and the RF inputs set up with code 775. If I go to the Replay input selection, and select, for example, RF, I can get a signal on my tv, and I can record that signal if I manually record. However, after the Replay supposedly does a timed recording, I'm told there was no signal. This is even when I leave the 301 on the same channel that it's supposed to record a few minutes later. When I investigate the input setting, input is set "DBS channel 300", and the screen is blue. As soon as I change the input to either RF or Line 2, there's a signal. So it seems like an input hasn't been selected.

Also, if I pick a channel from the channel guide and select "Tune to this channel", there's no channel change.

I've tried fine tuning with these suggested settings:

IR Code 0775

Fine tune settings:

Min # of digits = 3


Inter-Action Delay = 0200

Response Delay = 0000

Pre-Command Delay = 0000

Inter-Command Delay = 0400

No dice. The FAQ states:

"NOTE: Satellite should be set to remote ID 1 by default. So, no change by the user should be necessary."

I'm not sure what that means. Help greatly appreciated.
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