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5040 Ebay Item # 3016692261 Something is weird!

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Hello all

Does anybody else see anything wrong with this item (Ebay Item # 3016692261 ) besides me!

The wording is just not right and you cant check his feedback. Whats up with that?

Its has to be a Direct TiVo that he would be using, Correct or Not?.



sorry I forgot the link.

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The ad wording catches the sellers thoughts midstream. I believe the seller bought a dish PVR such as http://www.allsat.com/hardware/721.shtml and is selling the non satellite integrated 5040 (his loss is your gain).
This guy/gal has had 24 auctions in the last 6 months and 3 negatives - 2 of which were in the last month. You might want to think hard about bidding this one.
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