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I've had my 5040 for a while now and I'm generally pretty happy with it. Quite often though, it fails to connect to the Replay Service and download updates. I have it set up on my DSL with a static IP. I try to connect manually using 243 Zones, and it says it can't connect, but if I go into the setup, and select Change Networks Settings and then exit without making any changes everything starts working again and I'm able to download my updates. It's like it forgets its settings and it just needs to be reminded. :confused: Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Thanks!

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I recently helped a fellow 5040 user debug a similar problem.

During the initial (or subsequent 382-zones factory reset) setup

he would enter the static IP address and the unit was able to d/l

guide information.

After the first reboot, the unit could no longer do "net connect"

and was no longer pingable.

By process of elimination, we found that there is a good chance

there is a bug in replay startup that will go through the motions

of making DHCP requests even if you have static IP configured.

Upon first reboot the 5040 took a long time to boot (4-5 minutes)

We conjectured this was a DHCP timeout taking place.

After reboot completed unit was not pingable at the configured

static IP address and could not do "net connect" Ethernet link

light is solid on for both the replay unit and the switch.

Next we enabled DHCP server on his router. Now when we reboot the

5040, boot time is around 1 minute and the unit can do "net connect"

and is pingable.

We concluded that even if you have static IP address configured,

the 5040 bootup process still does DHCP requests and if no DHCP server

is available, it does not proceed to use the configured static IP address.

We did not try, but based on some posts from ReplayLyndon, the 5040

may have defaulted to using a 192.168.1.x address (when it couldn't

find DHCP server) instead of using the configured static IP address.

So the suggestion is, even if you are using static IP, make sure you have

a DHCP server available on your network.

I forgot to mention, prior to enabling DHCP server, we could get the

5040 to "net connect" by changing the static IP address information

and saving (as described in the initial post) The network problem would

only show up on a reboot, either intentional or the automatic reboot

5040s do once a week.
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