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507 and PC via VGA - Blurry Text

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I have my IBM laptop hooked up via the VGA input running 1024 x 768 with 60 hz.

I played with the coarse and fine settings but the text is still a little blurry. It looks like the center of the screen is better than the sides.

Any ideas? Are there som SM settings I can change to improve this for the VGA input?


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Not sure if "Power Strip" would work for you or not. Take a look and see if you can use it to feed 720p to your 507. That should help. (if it works)

Power Strip

Just a thought.

The 507 is downrezing your signal. Try sending it 1280x720 even if you have to dumb down the color to 16bit (65,536 colors). Then you will have a pixel to pixel mapping of the desktop.

You may need to update the drivers on your laptop to something that will let you send out this signal.

Then again your chip may just not do 1280x720. What is your model # and which vid chip does it have?


I also see this blurry image. If you set your resolution to 800 x 600, it is perfect. Anything greater than that, and the image becomes blurry. ( also see it clearer in the center vs the edges when at a resolution higher than 800 x 600). I wonder if the DVI input is used, if a higher resolution is possible? I would really prefer resolution greater than 800 x 600, but I get a headache if I use the 'blurry' option...and most web sites are geared towards resolution greater than 800 x 600. I guess I consider the 507 a TV 1st and a PC 2nd...so this is not a show stopper for me.

I am going to try what Dan suggested tomorrow.

You might need to tune it the way you tune an LCD monitor-

1) Put up a background of grill 1-1 (1 pixel on, 1 pixel off) - you can make it in the pattern section of your display background.

2) You will almost certainly see noisy vertical bands. Adjust the coarse tune until all the bands disappear.

3) Now you probably see random noise all over the screen. Adjust the fine tune for the best image.

Having the grill pattern will enable you to finds the best tune. Otherwise it can be very difficult to detect which kinds of tuning problems you have.

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As with some of the other suggestions, you got a TV that can do pixel perfect matching if you send it native rez. So don't screw around with anything but 1280x720 on the 507. If that still isn't truly perfect (no matter what it will be better than any other rez you can send it) then you can play with SM and user settings to get the picture how you like it.
My IBM T20 laptop can do 1280 x 1024. 1280 x 720 is not an option.

It uses the S3 Graphics Savage IX/1014 graphics card.

It sounds like 1280 x 720 is a 16:9 resolution, when my laptop screen is not. Changing it to that would not look right on the laptop would it?

No, 1280x720 would not look great on the laptop. But I tested my HTPC running 1280x720 on my 1280x1024 LCD Display before running it through the GWII and it worked (not DVI, VGA). I am not familiar with the S3 but if it can drive 1280x720, that's what you should send.

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