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50ft Composite Video Cable

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Where can I order a 50ft Composite Video Cable (yellow RCA)?

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You can use RG-6 cable that is premade and F connector to RCA adaptors.




To name a few. You can also check our E-bay.
You Do It Electronics http://www.youdoitelectronics.com/

has RG59/RG6 terminated with RCA in 50 and 100 ft lengths.

I use a 50ft one as a digital coax cable from my HTPC to my processor, works great.

You do it also has great prices (lower than Better Cables) on many other cables (AR etc..)

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I want to clarify the previous post. RG59/RG6 are 75 ohms, they can carry video frequency and these "You-Do_it" cable are already terminated with RCA connectors, no need for FRCA adapters.

And yes you can get them in yellow.

- Steve.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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