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50PHD7UY vs. LC45GX6U

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I am in a pretty good situation, since I cannot decide between the Sharp 45" or the Panasonic 50" 7UY.

I have PM'ed the great ones on this forum and their preference is equally weighted. If the cost was not an issue, which would you go with?

I have weighed the pros and cons

Burn-in - Tie

Size - 7UY

PQ - 7UY (close one, per the forum inputs, settings dependent)

AVC - LC45 (the 7UY has no convenient AVC box)

Future Capability - LC45 (1080i and 1080p)

PC Connection - LC45

Remote - LC45

Usability, Durability and Product life - LC45

Forum Preference - 7UY

Tough decision eh!

My viewing distancec is about 10 ft.

Any suggestions before I pull the trigger ...............

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I'm also fortunate, that I am in a position where I can (and eventually will) buy the TH-50PHD7UY. I guess the bottom line for me (other than price) is every time I've been to BB or CC, the biggest "wow" factor I've experienced is from viewing a 50" Plasma display. That alone (admittedly my own personal preference) has made my decision to go Plasma. With Panasonic addressing the burn-in and half-life issues, I have more confidence to buy this kind of technology. Beyond that, the other factors influencing my decision are:

Because I have to use TW cable for DTV with their Explorer 8300HD DVR I do not require a TV with an internal tuner. The down-side to this is I am limited to using TW's poor PIP feature provided with the DVR.

Since I own an Onkyo HT (which is sufficient for the family room in my home) I have no need for a TV with speakers.

The idea of buying a display that supports 1080p is attractive, but given the short supply of programming using 720p or 1080i formats, makes me wonder when 1080p will become the predominate standard?

Given all the competing technologies: Plasma, LCD, LCoS, DLP, CRT, etc... Each has it's own advantage / drawback. The bottom line is to buy what personally meets your needs and once the decision is made hopefully there will be no buyer's remorse.

I do have one question regarding picture quality:

If I am confined to using TW cable, and my Plasma supports 480i/480p/720p/1080i which picture will be better (or are they equivalent)?

8300HD DVR / set to pass-through using HDMI interface, or:

Cable to CableCARD (presuming I buy the consumer model)?

Good luck, and enjoy whatever you purchase!!!
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I don't know if I can help decide either if you take away the price factor. But I would say that it is odd to say on burn-in, it is a "tie". No, I am not going to open the traditional can of worms here. But if I bought an LCD set this large, I would watch 4:3 programming with black bars on each side as this would produce a sharper image (no stretching) and no distortion from variable stretch modes (or cropping with zoom which also softens the image). I would never dare doing the same on a Plasma.

Sure, if you don't watch any 4:3 programming, the above may not be a consideration for you. But we watch a ton of it and I don't want others in my shoes being confused this way.

As to Optivity's comment regarding lack of 1080 resolution programming, tremendous amount of content is being broadcast in HD that has horizontal resolution of 1440 today (1080x1440 transmitted in 1080i as 1080x1920). Furture HD DVD formats will all be encoded at 1080p and this format is about two years away (sooner for the enthusisats who spend so much on a display :)). So I would not say at all that this is not a consideration.

Most importantly though, if you feed a 1080i signal to displays without native 1920x1080 resolution, a downconversion occurs which can introduce artifacts and/or image softness.

Despite all of this, it is still hard to decide which way to go. For me, the ultimate issue is the black level. You need to be comfortable with how LCDs look in darker surroundings.

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I almost made the same thread/post you just did. But, I decided to just go with the Sharp. My viewing is in a sunlit room and I couldn't resist the extra pixels as well as some other features. Here are some added Pros/Cons:


Better blacks

Better response time

Weight - panel is twice as heavy

Inputs must be purchased (dvi/hmdi), no sep box

Better off axis viewing


swivel stand


sep avc box with many inputs

full HDTV resolution

response time slower, possible ghosting

blacks/ viewing in the dark , not as good

bright, probably does better with sun on it

weight (50 lbs for panel) This makes it easy to move around.


Like I said, I am going with the sharp. I can bring it in to my bedroom easily if I get sick. If (heaven forbid) I get married in a few years, it goes into the bedroom (attach speakers), and a new 70 inch 1920 1080 plasma/lcd goess in the living room. I am single and move often. My 200 lb sony crt is just a beast to deal with and this is why I am going with flat panel. [It is important to remember the goals that you originally made] I don't like off-axis viewing of LCD, but I can swivel it towards the kitchen when I cook. :) sep AVC box makes it easy for me to play with inputs. Which I will be doing for months probably. I am pretty bummed with the sedated PC and PC card resolutions, but at least I have a 1080p panel for future HTPC.

There are many pros & cons here, but for my usage, I felt the sharp matched well.
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I am also facing the same decision. You seem to have nailed the issues but I would think that if you really analyzed it you would find the one difference that is the deal breaker for you.

In my case I was headed for the 7uy but I started thinking about three years from now and I would maybe want something newer (and probably much bigger) by then. The Sharp can be more flexibly fit into my bedroom (because the AVC gives greater placement options), or be used as a dedicated PC monitor, or, should it last longer, it can prolong my viewing on this investment because of the 1080P feature as programming catches up with demand. Finally, in my case, the unit was going in a brightly lit room where the PQ issue is closer to a draw.

Anyway, these are how my thoughts have pushed me into the Sharp camp. Hope this helps.
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Oh, and one last thought is that the Sharp will probably have less reflectivity issues, a factor for me because of window placement.
Thanks for your inputs.

My tiebreaker will be watching the two side by side at CC or BB.

I do believe if I saw the two together well calibrated, then I would go with the 7UY (not bad).

I have been waiting for the 45" TV to hit one of these stores but they have not yet.

I kept my last TV (40" CRT Mitsu, 250 lbs) for 7 years, I expect to keep this one for at least 5 to 7 years, so the Sharp sounds attractive.

Thanks again, I shall try my best from getting buyers remorse.

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If cost is not an issue, then "Remote", for example, is not an issue. You could replace it with another one.

And given that you can save $2000 or more on the plasma and use that to replace the plasma in 5 years (with whatever is great then)), I think durability is also not an issue. Surely the plasma + future tech is going to outlast the one LCD (hell, the second display might even be the LCD).

In the meantime, the plasma is always going to be ~20% larger.....
Originally posted by rogo
And given that you can save $2000 or more on the plasma.....
Given PCMall's price for the Sharp 45", the price differential is only $1000.
unless you live in CA and then it pops back up to a $1500 diff..
Originally posted by tommylotto
Given PCMall's price for the Sharp 45", the price differential is only $1000.

True; however, PC Mall doesn't have the TV and is apparently having a tough time getting them. So, you can't really use them as an example here. I say this from experience since I have an order pending with PC Mall and am patiently waiting. If they don't deliver by the end of this month or at the very latest a few days into November, I will bail out and order from someone who actually HAS the TV. I don't think it will help their reputation much, but time will tell. So, again, prices only count when a product can actually be delivered to a customer.

Gooddoc Out
I still watch a fair bit of SD tv and the 7uy kicks butt in this area, IMO. I don't know how Panny does it, but good quality SD looks amazingly close to HD on the 7uy. You have to see it to believe it. That and the better blacks swings me over to the 7uy. BTW I am not planning to do the HTPC thing. If I were, then the Sharp would be more of a consideration.
I debated this as well but in the end it was clear -- I ended up purchasing the 50in Panasonic plasma. 50in is 50in -- as Rogo stated it is 20% larger screen. I owned a 50in plasma previously and was actually looking for a 60+ in plasma. But that thought went right out as it was still cost prohibitive.

Yes, the Sharp is capable of 1080p but that does not IMO warrant a $1K increase on a smaller sized screen. In the end I could not bring myself to decrease the screen size -- once you have a 50, you never go back ! ;)

Besides, I plan to upgrade again in 2 years -- which I'd imagine a 65-70" screen would be much more afordable -- no matter if it is LCD or plasma.

The Panny is a better value in my opinion.
50" is 50" can't argue that, with 12 feet of distance between the viewing surface and my couch, I think I could not go wrong with the 50" Panasonic.

At least in this no decision period, the price has fallen in my favor.

Thanks again,

I was about 53/47 in favor of the Sharp up till the last minute but my indecision saw the last unit clear out yesterday so went with the Panny instead which was offered at a slightly lower price than when I was doing my original comparisons/math. I was prepared to just sit closer with the Sharp so size wasn't a huge issue. The LCD would have been more flexible and better in the daylight but when you're coming from a 32" 480i CRT, either way is going to put a smile on my face. The CRT (Sony XBR) will just get used more often now for SD cable to ensure low hours on the Plasma.

I've been doing FAR too much research on this. I'm so relieved to have made a purchase. Can't wait! Thanks to all who have posted quality messages in this forum.
The thing that I find encouraging and somewhat amazing is that there is even a thread like this in the Flat Panel Forum (and it has remained civil so far). Two years ago you couldn't mention LCD in the same breath with plasma. Goes to show how far some LCD have progressed since then. It's much nicer now (if you're interested in talking about LCD) :).

I'm debating the same question.. I hoping to find somewhere that I can see both side by side. There aren't very many dealer that carry the commercial Panny's and the sharp. Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison?
If it helps anyone make a decision, my opinion is that the Sharp 45" LCD does not have the resolution and clarity of the 37" Sharp LCD. For some reason, the larger size has come at the cost of a softer picture. I'm not sure if the problem lies in the media box or elsewhere.
Originally posted by btrvalik
I'm debating the same question.. I hoping to find somewhere that I can see both side by side. There aren't very many dealer that carry the commercial Panny's and the sharp. Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison?

Yeah. Me. About weekly for a couple years. BB, CC, Ultimate, High-Enders.


1. Plasmas, regardless of brand/cost, make me crazy with their SDE(screen-door-effect). I can see it from 8'-10' out--either stair-stepping or softness of PQ. Complete waste of money, that is, if you have any interest whatsoever in true current and future value.

2. Sharp HD LCD's are superior to anything on the market today, bar none.



PS: So why are they so expensive? The market rules! Quality counts, after all. You pays your money and you takes your choice....

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