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My power went out last night for 3 hours. When the power came back on the tv didn't automatically start. I had to turn the tv on.

After about a minute, a screen appeared that said "Entering Diagnostic Mode".

It stayed like that for about 30 seconds, then another screen appeared with alot of numbers and stuff that i didn't understand. There were 3 menu choices on the left. I scrolled down to the one that said "Exit".

I don't remember what the other 2 said.

Anyway, after a few seconds the tv started in normal picture mode.

The tv still looks great, no obvious problems. Nothing seems to have changed.

BTW, I do have the tv plugged into a surge protector.

Is this a normal routine after a lengthy power failure?


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I have experienced a simular thing on another tv... In fact it took about 30 minutes for the screen to correct itself from the color being way messed up. After that it was fine.

Wish you would have paid more attention to the other two menu options though.

Sometimes one is a more extensive diagnostic/re-calibration procedure.

I would say you are fine if everything is back to normal.
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