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I've had a Samsung HLR5067 (720p) for several years and am ready to move up to 1080P. I've spent quite a bit of time in Hhgregg (they have a really wide selection of HDTV's much larger than BB). Looking at LG70, W4100, A630 and XV545 side by side they all looked great. I have bright windows opposite set so A650 wouldn't work.

Main viewing: Cable HD(Sports, Action), DVD, Blu-Ray

The LG70 was the least expensive and looked just as good as the others. I've looked at the blogs and only issue seemed to be compatibility of the HDMI ports 1-3. Is there a final resolution to that issue. Were good cables the fix? The spec on the LG says the 47" has a DCR=40,000 while the 52" has a DCR=15,000. I couldn,t tell a difference in a side by side in the store.

Any comments or real life comparison experience would be appreciated.
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