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Hi guys.

My 55HX929 is flickering real bad. It is like it is going to black and then the image returns, all this in a fraction of a second. Is so fast that you can't see the screen complete black, but this flickering is present in loops of seconds of duration; sometimes it goes away by itself or by turning off the TV. This morning my wife just called me at work and she said the the problem is now constant. The 3D feature of the TV is not being used (currently off). This problem happens in normal 2d viewing.

At first I suspected that the problem was the receiver or HDMI cable (Marantz NR1501) but I asked the wife to unplug the only HDMI cable that connects to the TV but the problem remains.

Any thoughts of what could be causing this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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