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I am located in Augusta, GA. All offers will be considered.

I am hoping to sell my entire home theater. I probably don't need to explain what these items are to people here. I very much prefer local deals but I can ship - especially the screen, I still have all it's original packing. I am selling because I need money for more important things right now.

$700 obo - 55UT50 bought in DEC 2012 and shows manufacture date being the same month. Properly broke in for over 400 hours. All fullscreen content and slides were used at increasing brightness/contrast levels. Started at around 40 and increased slowly to 55 after 200 hours. Beautiful screen still under warranty with no blemishes. I can include a pair of new pany 3d glasses.

$600 obo - Bose 701 towers with matched center channel. Perfect working order, little to no blemishes.

I also have a Kenwood THX certified receiver and a pair of Polk towers that are used as rear channels. Will only sell these with the Bose or tv. $275 for the kenwood and 150 for the Polk.

I am very motivated to sell this stuff but I will not give it away. I can provide any pics you would like. I have no rep or feedback so If you want me to write your username on a pad and take a pic or want me to draw a stick figure portrait of you and place that in the photo, whatever I need to do.
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