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I put together a home theater for a friend with the following...

Epson 6500 Projector

Dish 722 HD (i think)

HTPC with HDDVD and BD (movies stored on HD)

Onkyo TX-SR806

Polk speakers

Sorry for not having definitive model numbers, it has nearly been a year since i put this together.

The setup has worked just fine since we put it together last March. However, it did not have Dolby Tru-HD or DTS-HD capabilities. So i had him buy a Radeon 5670 for those audio formats and took out the old ATI 4830 that was in his computer.

Well - after a few driver installation issues (it would only install drivers from the HIS website, the drivers from ATI would NOT install), it finally worked. However, he's getting blue dots that he has never had before. Why would they begin now after almost a year of use? I believe according to the serial number of his receiver, that shouldn't be an issue.

I'm heading over there to work on his system today. I've posted this information in the Official TX-SR806 thread and in the HTPC forum - but perhaps if i put this post here i might get some help. I'm kinda desperate. I know that the 5XXX ATI cards have issues, but it seems they're mostly audio issues - anyone know why this card's acting up visually? He's ready to switch the cards back.

Any thoughts? Does he need to send the receiver in? Is it the video card?


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