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Hey All,

I bought a 56FH97 from One****.com in Nov 06

Recently, I had the dreaded Yellow Splotch appear.

Instead of replacing the Light Engine, they are giving me a new TV...(due to cost and availability of the light engine)

Unfortunately, the 56FH97's are no longer available...

One***.com has said the replacement unit is the Mitsubishi WD57734

Here are my options...(all involve me getting to keep my old 56FH97)

1)One****.com replaces my TV with the WD57734..I pay for new warranty

2)One****.com/Techshield cuts me a check for the replacement cost ($1600) and I spend where and how I see fit

3)I get something else from One***.com and pay the difference...

I dont know if the splotch will get any bigger, but right now it is liveable..

I could sell the old TV and make a couple of extra bucks....

I could try and replace the light engine myself but I dont think that is a good option.

So..what says the masses?? Is the Mit a good TV??(currently reading the owners thread) or is there a better alternative in the 56"-57" range??



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Too bad about the splotch. Something I'd consider is going from a LCoS technology (JVC), likely to provide a measurable full 1920X1080 resolution with a test pattern, to a DLP model with a wobulation-type 960X1080 micromirror chip that might not deliver the same full resolution. Some DLP models apparently do, but it seems to be a taboo topic :). And now, for PCness, guess I have to add that TV programming doesn't deliver full 1920X1080 effective resolution either. Okay, let's toss in "resolution isn't everything," too, even though this is a HDTV forum. -- John
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