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i am on the lookout for a 57 inch or greater flat panel TV with 1080P hdmi 1.3 for this yr the limit is probably 65-70 inches since i dont want to spend more than 12 grand on it and likely 10 grand will end up being my limit, i am posting this thread in plasma also but for lcd i would also like the 120hz and the new color processing (i am not very up to date with it though, xy color thing). Can everyone please help me make a list to keep my eyes out for. Rigth now i have the sharps with the 65 inch coming out in march. Are there others in the LCD like sony, samsung or toshiba or even westinghouse? thanks for the help. ill start, and just add delete or change and every few days i will make a new updated list to look at. thanks


1)sharp 65 inch d93
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