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I have the following system:

Mobo: Asus A8N-E

Mem: 2gig

HD: 1.2 TB

Video Card: Nvidia 6800GS

DNTV Live Pro

DNTV Live Mini


Forceware Drivers: 93.71


Conia CW5160 (widescreen CRT rear project - I know old technology rolleyes.gif

Using Component Video out on the Video card into the TV

And I have an "interesting" problem.

System is configured to 720P currently which my tv "supports" unfortunately for some strange reason it stuffs with the colours when set to this mode (I am starting to believe this could be a problem with the TV itself not the video card) anyway this issue isn't the one I want to ask for help with (unless anyone has ideas!)

So with 720P you can go into the NVIDIA control panel and do a "resize or pan HDTV desktop" which enables me to resize the desktop to make everything fit hunky dory and all is well (except for stuffed colours which I can work around).

When I use 576P (yes yes I am aware it's not HD!!!) the colours look perfect and I'd like to be able to use this mode at least as a fallback in case I can't figure out my colour adjustments.

however in 576P the option to "resize or pan HDTV desktop" is no longer available. Maybe I'm technically deficient but I can't see why they would offer this feature for other modes and not 576P. Does anyone out there know a way to convince the NVidia drivers to use 576P because no amount of stuffing around with Powerstrip or custom timings in the NVidia Control panel does anything other than give me black bars in the top right corner and a scrolling desktop, less than Ideal I think you'll agree!

I've googled my brains out and tried all sorts of options but I can't get anything to work (that was after spending 2 hours trying to figure out why hibernation wouldn't work which turned out to be because I hadn't installed the video drivers yet, I was working with defaults until I had a stable system!!! WTF has hibernation got to do with the video card driver I ask you, anyway I digress...)

Can anyone help me?
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