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57hx93 just delivered, what now...

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I found the below already anything else I may want to know or that you would change from this. Thanks.

Before you even plug in the tv, inspect it VERY carefully for damage.

It's not essential, but you may wish to remove the rear lower panel and check for loose cables. Also look inside to see if anything looks broken, especially if there is any exterior damage. If there is damage take lots of pictures (starting with the damaged shipping carton).

After you connect a video source and plug in the tv, turn the set on and immediately reduce the contrast to about 40, the brightness to about 50, and the sharpness to 10.

Pop in a dvd and start enjoying your new tv!

Avoid serious Avia/VE adjustment until a good week of operation. After a week, do the 9 point convergence. Most of the changes you will make with Avia are user-level adjustments (vs. service or design).

After 6 weeks of operation, do the 64pt service mode convergence. If you have made adjustments using the 9 point convergence, you can reset convergence to factory default first. You will find instructions here

I found this here: http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cwhite/theater/ToshibaTips.htm http://www.bus.ucf.edu/cwhite/theater/ToshibaTips.htm
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