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5v 3.3volt PCI TUNER BLUES

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My understanding is that recent motherboards

that use Intel chipsets: 915P 925X 865 875

are NOT able to use a PCI card that has

it's input and signal levels at 5 volts.

This is called by the standards group

"PCI 2.3". But the 2002 era Intel 845 chipsets

are "PCI 2.2" which is 5 volts. I have

been told that all PCI tuner cards need

5 volts, and have a slice into the PC card

toward the front of the computer, between

two gold fingers, signifying a 5V card.

For example, the new Blackbird

(Avermedia M150 for example MMCEM150B, Conextant

chip, hardware MPEG2 encoder, $65);

and the old Hauppauge WinTV-Go; and all

other tuners, 5v PCI. BUT, I myself

tried a WinTV-Go in a Asus P4C800-E

motherboard using the Intel 875P chipset,

which Intel says is PCI 2.3 and thus 3.3

volts only, and yet the tuner worked fine.

In what circumstances, motherboards, chipsets,

and tuners can one actually get a PCI tuner

to work in a new Intel chipset motherboard?

(925x 915p 865 875) ?? I want to buy a new

Asus P5AD2-X (925x chipset [3.3v]) and Avermedia

M150 Blackbird [5v], but expect they won't

work together. Thank you! tivoj Japan
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The PCI 2.3 spec says that both 5V and 3.3V are electrically supported on the motherboard.

A PCI 2.3 compliant card should be able to use 3.3V and should be universally keyed, but a PCI 2.3 compliant motherboard still supports 5V keyed cards.

For example, take a look at the MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum which has 5V keyed PCI connectors but is specified as a PCI 2.3 motherboard.

So the Avermedia M150 should work fine with PCI 2.3 spec motherboards.

Having said that, if you want to be completely future proof (PCI 3.0 ready), there are tuner cards out there with universal PCI connectors.

Since you appear to be in Japan, the Novac Home-TV 300H is a possible candidate. While it is a Conexant CX23416 based card, I'm not sure how easy it will be to support via ivtv.

An older, possibly no-longer manufactured card with a universal connector and some success with ivtv is the Kuroto Shikou ITV16-STVLP (Same as Yuan MPG600). The newer CX23416GYC-STVLP does not seem to have the universal connector, although the Yuan version of the same card does appear to.

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Thank you for the great answer. I will

look into those cards. Since I am now pretty

sure my future motherboard will support the

5V only Avermedia M150, I lean toward buying

that due to the $65 price tag and hardware

Mpeg4 encoding. Do you have any tips for me

on PVR functions in Japan? (either Linux or

Windows based). I can't really read Japanese,

and came from the USA. So for example, I can

set up a computer to record as a PVR from

USA cable TV or over-the-air antenna. But

I expect CATV frequencies in Japan are

different, and they may be digital or encrypted

and not seen by an Avermedia M150 (or Hauppauge

350 or almost anything). Then there is Japanese

satellite, like the "BS" stations and the ones

I don't know about. What to the natives do?

Thank you very much! tivoj, Japan countryside
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