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5X8 Multi-Switch Question

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I have 4 receivers of which one is a dual tuner tivo. Currently I have an oval dish with a Sat C-Kit. I'm getting channels from all three satellites(two receivers are HD Capable). The odd receiver out is a plus receiver from RCA. I would like to add this receiver with the capability to get both 101 and 119. Does anybody have any experiences(good or bad) with the JVI 5x8 or Spaun 5x8 multi-switches? What about using a 2 GHZ splitters and two 4X4 Multi-Switches? Is the Spaun really worth the extra money. My longest receiver run is 75 feet. Any suggestions?
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Originally posted by h2ofun
I have the exact same question.
Me too. Are there any advantages of using a 5x8 switch vs. using splitters and (2) 4x4 switches? Also, I have seen JVI Trunkline 5x8 multiswitches for $129 while the Spaun are way more expensive (>$300). Does the extra price get you better performance or better reliability or is there no real difference. Thanks.

Will this splitter work? http://www.king-cart.com/store/Disco...aySplitter.jpg

I went through this a few months ago when we went "Utimate TV " happy at my place. Now we have three UT's and a Mits SR HD5.

The splitters and addtional multiswitch will work but by the time you buy high bandwidth splitters and another switch you might well consider the 5 x 8 switch.

I got a great deal on Ebay for a Trunkline unit that has worked flawlessly for three months. Just make sure you protect it from the weather.
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