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6 Guitar Demos That Rock

By Robert Archer
Here are six awesome guitar recordings to use while demoing a system.

Audiophiles and guitar players have something in common: both groups are in search of perfect sound.

Eddie Van Halen calls this tone chasing, admitting that he's done it his entire life.

Some guitar players have been lucky enough to capture their Holy Grail of sound and it will live on forever. We've rounded up six landmark guitar recordings that are great if you're demoing a system.

Here are 6 Guitar Demos That Rock.

Pink Floyd | "Comfortably Numb" from "The Wall"

David Gilmour is hailed as one of the most tasteful and best players in the rock guitar world. And audiophiles love Pink Floyd's albums, which combine clean dynamics and ground-breaking recording techniques.

Comfortably Numb features what is arguably Gilmour's finest solo.

Pat Metheny | "Bright Size Life" from "Bright Size Life"

Bright Size Life introduced the jazz world to Pat Metheny and his band. Metheny is conscious about his sound, which is famously supported by his Gibson ES 175 and signature Ibanez Archtop guitars.

It's been rumored that Metheny places microphones into the sound holes of his guitars to get the purest possible sound.

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