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6 Unique Remote Control Technologies

By Julie Jacobson
We've rounded up motion-sensing control, battery-free devices, tactile feedback and voice commands for remote controls.

So many TV options, so many buttons on the remote control.

Manufacturers are coming to the rescue with new technologies that make A/V control perhaps a little less intimidating.

We've rounded up some of the latest innovations, including: Omnio's self-powering RF remote, URC's MX-5000, EZ Power's wind-up remote, the motion-sensitive Remotion, Hillcrest Labs' Loop Pointer and voice-controllable remotes.

Omnio RF Remote Powers Itself

Enocean is another company that designs battery-free controllers, such as wireless switches that are powered by the rocker motion. Teaming with Omnio, the company offers a four-button RF remote control that requires no batteries.

EZ Power Wind-Up Battery-Free Remote

Getting up off the couch to find fresh batteries for your remote control can be such a drag. The new EZPower Wind-up universal remote eliminates the need for old-fashioned batteries. Just turn the jog shuttle 30 to 50 times, and you'll have enough energy to power the remote for up to 7 days.

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