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Hello Everyone,


I've had a ton of great help thus far selecting a good home theater speaker system and am hoping for help in selecting a new display.


The tv will be going in a very bright two story room.  I'm leaning towards mounting it on a chimney.  The chimney is stone with a gas fireplace.  The temperatures are very well controlled.  I will be using a tilt mount to help from having to look up at the tv.  The chimney is flanked on either side with windows.  For this reason I'm leaning towards an LCD despite the great deals out there on plasma.  


I'm up for relocating the tv to another wall a bit lower if everyone thinks it is a mistake to do a chimney mount.  It will be professionally done with hdmi and power coming from a predrilled housing in the chimney behind the tv. 


I'm open to reconsidering plasma if anyone has a plasma that dos well in a bright room. 


1500 is the most I'm looking to spend.  


The tv is going to be 8ft - 9ft from the couch I will be sitting on.  It seems like I'd be looking for 65-70inch because of the distance.


I have a mac mini hooked up to the tv now so a smart tv is not necessary but it seems like almost all current tvs are.


I'm not too big into the 3d so that is not a priority either.  


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