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60 inch lcd flat panels???

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I"ve been tryin" to Google a lot but never found info on upcoming 60 inch lcd flat panels, has anyone got some info that i don't , i want to replace my sony 60 inch projection lcd bought in 2003 , the contrasts of today"s tv flat panel is much improved to a 2003 model!!! the only thing that i've found were 57 inch comin out this month by toshiba samsung and that sharp has a 65 inch but that is a litte too much

thx for your replies

Marc from Montreal, Canada
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Probably the cheapest 60"+ size LCD panel will indeed be one of the two Sharp models that are 65" in size. Prices are lower from authorized online dealers, also used models from ubid, eBay, and craigslist.

Manufacturing large LCD panels (over 52 inches) is not yet done on a large scale (except for Sharp, who's always one generation ahead of everyone else in panel manufacturing), so you won't see very many available above 52 inches, except from Sharp.

Toshiba has a new 57" panel just out, but the price (I think the MSRP is $7000), puts it about the same as one of the 65" Sharp models). Sony and Samung will produce larger size panels (over 52") in their 2008-09 lines.

Even Vizio (who's had a 60" plasma for sale since the spring) has not yet released an LCD above 52" in size, again due to the high cost of these limited-produced panels.

It will get better soon, as more large panels [from other companies too, such as Corning Glass] will be manufactured.

Sharp, with it's early manufacturing lead [two different plants in Japan, with a third coming on line by 2009] already has 57" and 65" panels, even a 108" model (Japan only) if you're wealthy.

Sony earlier this year show an 82" prototype display [not for sale], and if you got the cash, they are just now releasing a 70" LCD panel, for only $32,999 MSRP!

So, if large LCD size (and at a decent price), is what you are after right now, I would recommend one of the 65" Sharp models [new 64U thinner-screen series is out this month], for under $8999 MSRP, and with prices falling every month you should see lower prices online, and even more in forthcoming months (an at local stores too).

And if you think the Sharp's price is high, consider that just 2 years ago their largest size LCD screen [57"] had a retail price of $15,999! For info and models, visit the Sharp website - http://www.sharpusa.com/
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