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Hi everyone,

I recently moved to a small apartment and these are too big for my viewing distance so I am forced to sell them.

The ZT60 has a manufacturer date of August 2013 and has just over 500 hours on it. It was properly broken in with the D-Nice Slides and has no burn in. It was just used to watch blu-rays.

The Samsung D8000 51" has been used in my bedroom and was purchased in 2013. It is a very nice screen with an awesome picture.

I have the original boxes, 3D glasses (4 sets come with the ZT60 and 2 sets come with the Samsung), and stands.

I'm asking $3200 for the ZT60 60" and $650 for the 51" D8000.

These do not include shipping (I will need to do Freight with the ZT60 and UPS/Fedex with the D8000).

Prices are negotiable. I am located in Indianapolis, IN and you can also pick up either here.

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