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6020FD vs. 65VT25 vs 65V10

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Have to kick out my third PN63C7000 due to buzzing.

Find Panasonic's bezel design quite ugly, love Pioneers' clean look. But the Pioneer is quite a bit more expensive, hard to find and basically impossible to return - but new! - and of course quite a bit smaller.

Don't know what to think about the rising black levels on the Panasonic. Not sure that, even if I'd notice in the long run, that it's worth paying so much more for a smaller TV.

And then there's the V10, which is considerably less expensive than either the VT25 or 6020FD. I haven't been able to see much about it at all, seems that not many retailers carry it (is it D/C'd?), but am curious if anyone here is able to give their opinion on it, relative to other high end sets on the market right now.
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The V10 is last year's model, replaced by the 3D VT25. If 60" is big enough for you, nothing beats the Kuro. Otherwise, IMO the VT25 is the best currently available (better for 2D than the V10).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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