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What is view on these 2 Onkyos. May pick up an open box 603 at CC, or get a refurb (or new) 604.

1) HDMI: 604 has it, 603 does not. Right now I don't care about HDMI cause I've got 2 inputs on my TV. Plus I've read some "issues" with the HDMI implementation on 604s right now.

2) Remote: Looks like 603 actually has a better one - a learning remote with macros - that they took away on the 604?

3) 7.1 analog inputs on the 604 vs 5.1 analogs on the 603.

My questions a) from an amp/audio quality standpoint, will these be equivalent?

b) I'm weighing how much its worth to get HDMI for the future, same with 7.1 vs 5.1 inputs if I move to BluRay or HDDVD and want those players to decode audio. Right now I only have 5.1 speakers, who knows whether I'll ever bother adding a second set of sats in the back or not.

Do you all think its worth an extra $100-125 to get the upgrades on the 604? My primary concern is great audio quality thru my 5.1 speakers. Reality is for the short term I'll just be using HDMI to TV and digital audio to the receiver.

Any advice would be appreciated - thanks
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