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For years I had a 32 inch Trinitron in the living room.   We had a 20 inch Toshiba LCD TV split off the DirecTV to be a slave/monitor in the kitchen.    2 years ago we bought an LG  42LK450 for the bedroom - and it's been the best thing since plastic plants!  All I did was mount it on the wall, hook up the TV box and get on with life.


Yesterday we replaced the Trinitron with a Sharp LC60LE650U.    Hooking it up was easy.


As long as you like bright red faces and florescent green grass.   It looked exactly like 1971 again with the first Zenith color TV's where you had a choice or red skin tones or green ones.    After futzing with the advanced settings for a half an hour we got {mostly} realistic skin tones but not as good as any TV I've ever had straight out of the box.    Then I started noticing things. 


When the DirecTV onscreen guide moves from page to page - you can see the page appear and then a half second later see it fill in all the pixels.  It's a very obvious lag.    When an actor moves to slam the door of his car you can visually see his arm blur for a split second.  Wasn't the whole POINT of a 120hz TV to get rid of the motion blur that-we-have-never-once-actually-experienced! on our 60hz TV?


We brought the kitchen TV (a 5 year old 20 inch Toshiba LCD TV) to the living room and place it next to the Sharp ... and the Toshiba picture is better in every respect we could imagine -- then when we turned on the Kitchen TV it's like being in an echo chamber due to a split second lag in the sound!!


There is, I think, only a few minutes with any new product to be blown away by it - and I'm afraid Sharp lost that chance... but aside from that emotional reaction ...


can all these problems be "properly" fixed?

do I need to go to LG or Samsung?

or are we simply not "smart TV" material?    After being immersed in this "world" for only 24 hours, I get the idea that this generation of TV's is for watching Blu-ray X247/HDMI encrusted Dejuttered 3D exomite spingler files(*) .... or else go home.


"Hell .... is wanting a decent cup of ordinary coffee and finding yourself at Starbucks"




(*)yes, I made that up.   When we were talking to the sales guy in the first store and told him we watched DirecTV he smirked - when we told him we don't own a BluRay player - he walked away

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Colors out of the box are way off

Try these settings posted here:


It might fix the blur you are seeing as well.

The reviews for the set aren't all that great

Your older Toshiba might be a VA panel & the Sharp is a IPS panel, which would explain some of the reasons why the Sharp looks worse.

IPS panels have much wider viewing angles than VA panels, but they have nearly half the contrast of them.

Also I will say owning a HDTV & not having a blu-ray player or other devices that can display HD kinda defeats the purpose of owing a HDTV.
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