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I recently tried the lamp hour check list on my TV.

This one:

1. Press "Mute" on the remote - 1/2 "Mute" appears on screen.

2. Press "Mute" again - "Mute" appears on screen.

3. Press "Mute" and hold down the button.

4. Press "Menu" ON the TV itself and a Red "S" appears on the screen............

5. To Get Out Of The Test, Shut TV Off

CAUTION: Do not use the up and down volume keys on the remote in this menu as it can alter the data and can be dangerous.

*** Can someone Please do this Short list for me on their 62HM196 and PLEASE tell me what the box to the left, under the Red "S" says ... Exactly. It comes before you actually get into any information about the TV. Hopefully they have all the same initial information.

The test is fine on the TV, I just need to know what, Verbatim, that box says.

Please and Thank You!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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