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65 8U help-HDMI Blade

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Hey all

Well I finally got around to attempt figuring out why my second HDMI blade wasnt working. I swapped cables and got no picture, Swapped boards and no luck either. So with a HDMI blade in slot one I have no issue. Putting on in slot 2 simply does not seem to work. So whats my last option... Could the slot itself be defective? or could it simply mean this plasma cannot accept more than one HDMI at at time. Or lastly its some sort of mystery setting buried that I am not seeing. The set up doesnt allow me to choose the type of slot so I am running out of ideas.

None of this would an issue if the stupid SA 8300hd dvr was HDMI 1.1 complient. I wanted to run all of it out of my new Pio Elite 74 receiver which has 2 HDMI in and one HDMI out but is 1.1

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I thought you could pop in two HDMI cards. So each works in slot 1 or 2? But when you place them both in only one works in slot 1?
correct right now it would seem only slot 1 is working. I am going to completely unplug the tv and reseat both cards and see if that will do it.
that did it... Had to completely unplug the plasma and reseat the cards... Now the last connection is xbox 360 via component :)

I am happy for you. You should post your success in the Panasonic FAQ at the top of this forum. Within the last thirty days, two (2) people have asked whether this would work and nobody has replied.
The instructions that are supplied with the HDMI blade clearly states that the plasma should be unplugged when the HDMI blade is installed. Unless you do so, the set will NOT recognize it. Nothing like reading the instructions!!!
hmmm since I am in a good mood and currently watching a dvd on my large 65 inch plasma I am going to refrain from replying to this comment.
oh and even more so in a better mood since xbox 360 looks AWESOME as well. But hey who needs instructions. Figuring it out is part of the fun.
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