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Hi guys, hopefully you could help me out. I need a 64-70'' TV for the following: 


- I plan to use it coupled with the Macbook Air to stream stuff. Probably through AppleTV, but I don't know yet. I will watch HD movies, stream 720p+ sports here and there from a page which shows them in Flash, and... 


- I will connect the TV with a soundbar, probably Philips Fidelio HTL5120, and use it for all sound: not just movies and sports, but I would like to use it to stream music via bluetooth even when the TV is off. Do you think that this will work? 


- I will not use the TV for normal broadcasting, SD or HD 


- It is a bright room 


- I will buy it either in Germany, France etc. Delivery however, needs to be to Luxembourg.


- I don't care about 3D, nor about Smart (obviously I will stream from a computer) 


- It would be good if it can read special characters in subtitles (č, š, ć, đ, ž) in mkv's, srt's etc. 


- Generally, 2000 € is as far as I am willing to go. I can push it up a little if it is really worth it. But please, if you could name even cheaper ones if they are decent, it would be great. 



Ok, so what I have been able to see thus far: it would seem that when it comes to Plasmas there aren't many choices, Panasonic TX-P65ST60E (or ST50) and Samsung PS64E8000. For LEDs I have absolutely no idea; Samsung UE65F6470, LG Electronics 65LM620S, Sharp Aquos LC-70LE740E, Samsung UE65F6400? 


Whatever advices you can give, I thank you in advance.
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