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65813 vs 65h84

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I know what alot of you will say out there.65813 is a no brainer.Im ready to buy and the deals that can be had on the 65813s are unbelievable.65h84s have the same great pricing.

This will probly be a 3 or 4 year set.1080p micros will be had much cheaper and bring more reliablity then.My main question is knowing this is the 65813 worth a grand more?Which set would be prone to burn in more?
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Bump cmon fellas im buying this weekend and best buy does nothig for the toshiba.The mits store shows it well with good lighting and feed.
You must choose, but choose wisely.

I am pretty satisfied with my Toshiba. Search the open box at BB. Maybe you can find a deal. I bought my 65H84 for $1500(I talked them down from 1780)....

Another BB had it for $1770 as well, and they had a special for 10%. Which means $1600 no haggling. Argh, I probably could have talked them to $1400!
Golden rule: Do not buy an open box CRT display.

Get the 65813. You should pay around $2800 and yes, it is worth the extra cash. Looking forward to your initial impression on the 65813.
If you have the cash looking for a place to be spent, I'd go for the 9" guns on the 813, ... as long as you plan to have it ISF calibrated. Do that and you'll be amazed.

If you don't go that extra step it would be a waste to get the 813, and I'd go for the H84 in that case.

Originally posted by Kipp Jones
Golden rule: Do not buy an open box CRT display.
Bah, I scoff at your golden rule. =)

Just check to make sure you dont see any burn in. Then buy the 4 year warranty. Any other problems can be fixed via warranty.

That way, the TV is guaranteed to last 4 years.

Also, the H84 is now [email protected]
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Whoops, I thought the Mitsu you were talking about is the same one AT BB. After looking at the 813... It does look pretty sweet.

Yikes. If I werent so frugal, I would definatly take the 813.
Yea im leaning towards the 813 but that damn toshiba looks good for the money.It also seems to have a better viewing angle but thats not that big of deal in my case.What DVD player would you guys match with an 813?Upconverting?
No, I'd keep it simple and go with a good 480p DVD player that will give you a clean signal via component. Use that to tide you over until the dust settles on HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray. The upconverting players tend to introduce too many issues that would be hideously apparent on a calibrated 813.

Look at the Denon 2200 or 2900. Some of the Denon authorized resellers have B stock units for sale. Or, if you prefer the crisper image produced by the Faroujda chip, you might also be able to find a used 1600 on audiogon.

A couple good budget players you can find new are the Pioneer DV-563A and DV-578A-S.

Happy hunting,

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I would suggest the Kenwood Sovereign DV-5700, for $130 refurb at ecost. Its a steal, if you dont mind a 5 disc changer.

So far, out of 5 DVD players we tested none could match the Kenwood in 480p mode

Zenith 318

Samsung 841

Denon 1710(lower end, but has Progressive scan and Burr Brown Audio DACS)

Random sony

Although, the Zenith 1080i rocked them all as far as PQ, though it had an overall greenish cast, which hopefully can be tuned out. The Samsung was okay in 1080i, but had greenish blacks, and black crush problems

The audio Quality of the Kenwood was superb. Even the Denon with Burr Brown DACs couldnt match it.

The audio quality of the zenith was aweful to horrific.
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Originally posted by wtf no turbo
Yea im leaning towards the 813 but that damn toshiba looks good for the money.It also seems to have a better viewing angle but thats not that big of deal in my case.What DVD player would you guys match with an 813?Upconverting?
I have it plug with an Onkyo DV SP 1000 with an HDMI/DVI cable at 1080i.

The only thing that I can say is WOW!

In the past I had a Panny that was ISF calibrated, and the results are simply amazing. The Mits 65813 out of the box is not as bad as the Panny,

but I have heard from a bunch of people including calibrators, that

the 65813 tracks gray beautifully. In other words, it will look amazing

after is ISF calibrated. Next month I will have Craig Rounds which is

one of the top notch ISF calibrators for the Mitsubishi's, calibrate it. I will

let you know my impressions.

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I'll second the endorsement for Craig Rounds when it comes to calibrating a Mitsu. He has made Mitsu his area of expertise, and the glowing reviews he gets show the results. He takes a very technical electrical engineering type approach.

If you end up getting the 65H84, I would go with Eliab Alvarez de la Campa. His specialty is Toshiba, and I can tell you that my 57HX93 is jaw-dropping beautiful now thanks to his handiwork. I found him to be tenaciously meticulous in wringing every last bit of performance out of my set.

I have had my 65813 setup for about 2 weeks now, matched with a denon 2900 and with just simple setup the picture is amazing.

A buddy of mine has a mid 50 inch toshiba and the mits blows it away, not sure which model he has but i've always preferred mits picture to toshiba particularly the models with 9" CRTs
Just to trow a little more icing on Mitsubishi. Right now there is a

promotion going on, No down Payment and 0 percent interest rate for

3 years. Just do the math, and the difference between the 65813 and the

Toshiba 65H84 is less than a grand.

Paying cash even though that finacing is nice.Bought 813 todaydelivered in 2 weeks i need time to get room done.Again best sub 600 dvd player for the 813.
best sub 600 dvd player for the 813.
I just don't think that you can go wrong with a B stock Denon 2900 from someone like ecost or dakmart.

I agree with Tim. The Denon 2900 is a very good DVD player, and it has

the same deinterlacer chip than my Onkyo DV SP 1000, the Silicon Image

504. Now if you want an unconverting DVD player, there is the Denon

1910. However, if you put side by side the 2900 and the 1910 and

displaying at 480p, for film material the 2900 will have the edge and

for video based material the 1910 has the edge.

Hope this helps and enjoy your 65813.:)
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65813 will display 480p natively, so if you're able to find a denon 2900 i would highly recommend it. As i mentioned earlier this is what i have and couldn't be happier. If you can find a 2900 it should be less than 600
I have an 65813, with a DENON DVD-3800. It has a slight edge over the 2900 when it comes to PQ, but it is harder to find. crutchfield's scratch and dent store, has a low stock of 2900s right now
After all that the 813 was doa.It all worked out as i got a 62725 for the same price.Kinda glad it all happened like this because i think viewing angle from the bar was going to be an issue.
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