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I have had the Panny 65 1080p for a couple months now. Debating over whether to get a Video Processor for $3k and/or HD-DVD/Blue Ray.

The only 2 sources I will have is a ViP 622 from Dish (DVR, 1080i output) and in the future buy HD-DVD/Blue Ray combo.

On the Dish setup, OTA and HD channels look pretty good. The SD channels look really soft. I am running a HMDI to DVI cable from the DVR to the DVI input (DVI input is the only one that will take a 1080p source. I do not have a 1080p source yet, but..

Also hoping that Hollywood video and/or Blockbuster will have local rental access to high def DVD's here soon in Cincinnati/Southwest Ohio soon.

Any suggestions for blue ray or hd-dvd players?

(just thought I would ask a million completely different questions here!)
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