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6600GT - Which Version To Get?

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I have an ATI 9800 PRO card now and want to go to a 6600GT card. My motherboard supports AGP 4X and I need a VGA 1080i output. Can anyone comment on which of the many 6600GT cards might be preferable in my situation?

Thank you.
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if your mobo only supports agp 4x, you should be buying a motherboard. Go with Intel's socket T or AMD's socket 939. Time to upgrade dude, way pass due.

Your 9800pro was a waste sitting in the 4x AGP slot.
A 9800pro sitting running at 4x is not a waste. The difference in performance is a fraction of a percent.

Big Picture: What is the make and model of your motherboard. If you have a 4x/8x board you are good to go, if you have a 2x/4x, then openwheelracing is probably correct, not because 4x is WAY slower than 8x, but because the rest of your computer is probably a fair way behind the curve.

Give us some specifics, please.
Thanks Commodore 64,

My primary HTPC application is DVD playback software TheaterTek 2.2.1. No gaming.

My mobo is: ABIT TH711-RAID.User manual says: 1 AGP 4x, 5 PCI and 1 GNR slots. Windows XP/SP2. 1.7 GHZ P4, 256 MB RDRAM. I am not using RAID.

Folks on the TheaterTek Technical forum are saying they are getting best image out with a 6600GT adapter and that is why I want to switch from my 9800 PRO.

Newegg lists a couple of different 6600GT AGP versions so that is why I asked my original question.
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Are you unhappy with the picture on your current setup? I use a 6600GT because I need it to view HD content with VMR9 and my 9700pro was not up to the task. DVDs were a little jumpy, i.e. pan shots had "microstutters". The picture quality was fine except for the stutters, with HD content, it was unwatchable. All that has gone away with the 6600GT.

If your DVDs playback smoothlya nd the picture is good, I wouldn't bother with the 6600GT. You might keep an eye out for a Northwood CPU though, I'm pretty sure the 1.7Ghz P4 is a Willamette which is probably not much better than a Pentium 3 1Ghz...Seriously. If you could find a used P4 2.0- 3.06 Ghz Northie, you would be much better off.

You also need a bit more RAM. If you could find another 256 MB (2 x 128Mb sticks) used, you'd be better off too. New Rambus is an arm and a leg.

Recently I upgraded my gaming pc to an Asrock ULi chipset baord which supports AGP and PCIe (both natively, so it's not some ad hoc design). The board was 70 bucks and I picked up a A64 3200+ for 152 bucks. To upgrade your CPU and RAm you are probably looking at at least $150 (even for used) and probably upwards of $200. For approximatley $270 you can get a that Asrock mobo, an athlon 64 and 1Gb of DDR400. You could reuse your 9800pro for a while while you saved up enough money for a PCIe 6600GT.

Regarding your mobo: I *THINK* a 6600GT would run in there. It is AGP 2.0 spec, but I know some of the newest AGP cards will only run at 0.8v (i.e. AGP 8x Only)and I think that mobo will be a 1.5v AGP slot. Any video card listed at 4x/8x support will work. Any videocard listed at 8x only will not.
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Commodore 64,

Yep, I get the micro stutters on pans and I'm using VRM9 with TheaterTek. And yes my AGP slot is 1.5V.

So from what you are saying I would be Ok with a AGP 6600GT so long as it is 4X/8X, yes?

Thank you.
Go to newegg, sort on 6600GT and AGP 4x/8x chipset. That will give you an idea of which cards you can use.

Any of those cards would work. I use the Gigabyte version.
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