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Hello all,

I could use some help. I was set on getting the new B&W 683s with the Marantz 7007, but now I'm conflicted. I have spent hours upon hours listening to speaker and receiver combos and I thought I had my mind made up but here's the dilemma; from my understanding the 683s are the most power hungry speakers of the 600 AND cm series. It seems the 683s want a minimum of 125w at 4ohms continuously. That would make the 7007 the bare minimum to run those speakers. So now I am faced with getting the 7008 instead of the 7007 (I am seriously limited financially due to still being in school and my wife not understanding why we should be spending this much money on audio), getting the 684s which sound great, but I am worried about the bass levels and the smaller drivers on the new model and don't necessarily want a sub, or getting the set up I was planning on and dealing with the power deficiency until I can buy an amp and use the receiver as a pre. I can't disclose too much, but for financial reasons my speaker selection is between bw, Martin Logan, def tech, and energy. So while I appreciate everyone reading this and helping me out, please don't waste your time telling me about speaker alternatives. I sincerely like the sound and set up of Marantz over the Denon and Pioneer elite ( not a huge fan of class D for two channel audio), and for the same financial reasons those are the options. Would the 7008 be significantly more substantial than the 7007 for the 683s? I can't demo the 7008 or I would listen for myself. Would it be foolish to get the 684s for what I hope is a 20 year investment? Sorry this is long winded and again I sincerely appreciate all of you helping out.

Kind Regards,

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