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Interested to get everyone's opinion and suggestions on my 7.1 system that I'm slowly putting together. With the receiver I just purchased I blew out my $2k budget so I've skimped quite a bit on my surrounds and will just be running monoprice 12/14 gauge speaker/interconnect cables. I also plan on getting the stands and wall mount for the surrounds on monoprice but would like some recommendations on better quality / nicer looking stands/mounts.

Denon AVR-3313CI Receiver $799

KEF Q500s $580 (Got a great deal on these, they were new, in box)


The controversial Dayton Audio B652s $51.99

Fluance XLBP $90

I am still in the market for a center channel and subwoofer. I'm hoping to get a good deal on a KEF Q200c to match my fronts. As for the sub I've been looking at several different brands. Sunfire, HSU, NHT, Velodyne, Axiom, etc. Hoping to pick something up on Audiogon/ebay/CL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts