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I had an old Sony 5.1 receiver that died on me a few months ago, and I've been using my old 2 channel Technics SA-700 since then, but I'm ready to have some surround sound again. The biggest problem I'm having is finding one I like in the under $600 range with 5.1 analog inputs for my Pioneer DV-588a SACD/DVD-A player and enough composite inputs.

Here are the features I'm looking for:

HDMI input for PS3

5.1 analog input for SACD/DVD-A player

as many composite connections as possible, for Laserdisc player and several old game systems

Component input

HDMI upconvert out to a Mitsubishi WD-60735

Any suggestions? Everything I see that I like seems to be missing analog inputs. I'm going to be running a mix and match of speakers for the time being, and eventually getting some speakers to match my Aperion 533-VAC center speaker. It will going in a room 22' x 13'
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