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7.1 Receiver

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I just got some new front speakers matched set and am realizing that my older receiver RXV-1600 is lacking in processing capabilities. I have a 7.1 setup (B&W 683 front, B&W HTM61 center, AXIOM Q8 sides, JBL rears) that I can not take full advantage of. The receiver only plays 5.1 when using HDMI over from PS3 and is limited on mhz it can accept in PCM format.

I have been a Yamaha fan for a while, but am open to options. I am looking for something on less expensive side, because I will probably buy a seperate amp later.

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You Blu-ray player should be set to output at 48khz, then you should be able to engage DPLIIx, of THX modes for 7.1 action? No?

Pretty sure on that AVR as I have delt with a few of them. Models numbers are tough and it could have been a different model I suppose.
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