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7.1 Speaker Placement For In Walls

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am in the process of setting up three different rooms for 7.1 sound, with In Wall Speakers. One of the rooms has no right side (the right side opens up to a Great Room). I was trying to decide which is better (in both scenarios the left, right, center, and SW channels are on the front wall of this room):

1. the Rear Surrounds on the Inside of the back wall, and the 7.1 channels on the left and right of the Rear Surrounds. Thus there would be an array of 4 speakers on the back wall: the two outside speakers would be for the 7.1 channels, and the two inside speakers would be the surround channels.


2. the Rear Surrounds on the back wall, and the 7.1 channels on the ceiling facing downwards, about 1/3rd inside the room from the back wall. These would, in this case, be the ONLY speakers located on the ceiling.

I would very much appreciate any feedback re which would be the best placement compromise for speakers in this particular room.

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Sounds like a good room for 5.1 rather than 7.1.
Thanks for the reply. I decided to go with the downward firing 7.1 option, as it still has to be an improvement over 5.1, and over having both the rear and 7.1's along the back wall. Will see when everything gets installed...
of course you're better off with the 7.1 setup than the 5.1.

neither of you mentioned 6.1, my theatre room was set up a year ago for 7.1 but i still havent heard anything about 7.1 and as a matter of fact, not much about 6.1 either.

what gives?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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