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Hello. This is my first post (I believe). I am in a new construction and the living room is pre-wired for 7.1 ceiling speakers. The system is intended to be rack-mounted in a remote closet. I intend to do this. Initially, I wanted to use my existing Left-Center-Right standing speakers and only utilize the surround and rear ceiling speakers. However, the builder didn't provide any speaker wire going to the front of the room, only to the ceiling. In the front he has CAT5e for video and three coaxial connections (four if you count the subwoofer connection). I cannot figure out what to do with the three coax cables. The attic doesn't provide easy access to run my own speaker cables.

Question 1) Is there any way to use the coax connection for my front Left Center Right speakers?

If I cannot, I will need to buy ceiling speakers for all 7 channels (or maybe 5 for now, until I save some more.

Question 2) I have access to decent deals on Boston Acoustics, Jamo, and PSB ceiling speakers. What would be the best arrangement? And which of these companies would you trust the most regarding ceiling speakers?

I was thinking these for the center: boston acoustics VSi-5830

This for Left and Right: boston acoustics HSi-4830

These for Surround Left and Right: boston acoustics VSi-580T2

(sorry, I can't post urls yet, they are on the Boston Acoustics website )

And then something simpler for rear left and right. Is this overkill? Can someone recommend a better setup? Thank you for reading.

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