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7.1 suround : Side speaker question

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I have an Onkyo 7.1 and all my stuff is mixed matched.

I have:

Main L/R : Quest Q660 - 6ohms

Center/LR/RR : NS-SP50C - 8ohms

Then I bought a 5.1 set up Studio Acoustcs S8/300 came with a sub and 5 small speakers that are 2 speakers atop each other an they can be both angled open. ie like a siscor opening. No clue as to the ohms for these guys as its not in the manual or printed on any of the bodies.

Can I use these guys for my 2 sides or if I buy 2 new bookself speakers for my sides will I hear a big difference in sound or does the sides just output ambient sound so the quality doesn't really matter?

Any input is help full thanks.
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Note the the 6th and 7th speakers are in the rear, not at your sides. In a 5.1 setup the surrounds are at the sides.

The rear and sides put out comparable volume and detail. Ideally they should be the same quality.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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