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7 DVD Ripping Servers
We round up seven high-performance movie servers that can rip DVDs.

Sure, the term DVD server may soon go the way of the dodo or the VCR. Companies seem to be clamoring to provide solutions for streaming movies and TV content into people's home entertainment system.

For now, though, lots of people still buy DVD and Blu-ray discs. Many like to rip those titles onto a server so they can easily peruse their library while storing their discs.

Here are seven high-performance DVD ripping movie servers.

ReQuest Intelligent Media Client

ReQuest's IMC is a network media client for a ReQuest server that allows users to archive DVDs on the server. When users want to watch a movie, the company explains on its Web site, the media is played through a fully compliant and licensed CSS [Content Scramble System] player and preserves all CSS.

Kaleidescape Movie Servers

Kaleidescape, often the face of DVD ripping battles, might have to stop making its high-end movie servers to due a recent ruling by the appeals court.

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