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7 Great Lighting Control Installs

By Tom LeBlanc
Illuminating examples of how cookie-cutter lighting control solutions can't cut it.

While audio and video garner much of the hype in this industry, there's nothing more custom than lighting control.

The lighting requirements of every homeowner are unique. Cookie-cutter lighting control solutions just don't cut it.

A few influential ideas, however, might help.

We collected some of our favorite lighting control installs, including a Super Bowl MVP, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and quirky product inventor.

Scenes Setting Control

A little lighting control goes a long way toward simplifying life in this 17,000-square foot home. The hallway lighting brightens gradually to preset intensity levels at the touch of a button tied into the Crestron automation system.

Controlling an Island

Segway inventor Dean Kamen owns a lighthouse home on the North Dumplings Island. A couple of years ago, the U.S. government cut the undersea cable that powered the lighthouse, forcing Kamen to rely on solar panels to power his home.

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