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7 Horrible Wiring Jobs

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7 Horrible Wiring Jobs

By Steve Crowe
CE pros sent in more scary wiring jobs they've come across. See how the builder screwed up, again.

Most installers have probably received calls from consumers who are freaking out because their system, for some unknown reason, just isn't working properly.

Only does the root of the problem become so obvious after going to the jobsite.

We've rounded up seven horrible wiring jobs, ranging from horrible home theater wiring to a system a builder tried to install.

$2 Million Nightmare | Before

Compared with the low-voltage done on the neighbors' house, it's easy to see why installer Beyond Audio was called on to patch things up.

It was the Kelowna, B.C.-based integrator that had wired the neighboring home, and when that owner saw this mess, our client insisted this owner call us, says Beyond Audio's Mike Ohman.

At first, the owner was hesitant to have things moved around, says Ohman. We saw the wiring the first day with the client, and he suggested we not touch it for fear everything would stop working altogether. They had just moved in, two TVs were working and his computer network kind of worked, but he had to keep things operational during a light renovation.

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It was really good information...
Makes me wish I'd taken pics when I worked for the phone company. There were so many times I had to work on rat nests of wires that resembled tumbleweeds. Nursing homes were usually the worst.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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