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7 Tips for Buying a 3D TV

By Grant Clauser
What features and specs should you look for in a 3D TV?

Is 3D TV right for you? Are you considering it? Shopping around? Waiting for the right deal or the right movies? A couple exceptions notwithstanding, 3D TV is brand new to the home theater world, and understandably, a lot of people are confused over the whole category. To help you in your search for the perfect 3DTV solution, we sought out a couple video experts willing to share their insights regarding the latest development in home entertainment.

Meet the Experts

Bob Cole, owner and founder of World Wide Stereo. Cole has been a leader in home theater, high-end audio and automation installation and service since the company started in 1979. He's been the president of the Home Entertainment Source, an influential group of consumer electronics (CE) professionals. He's also the weekly gadget guy for Philadelphia's Fox News.

Joel Silver, founder of the Imaging Science Foundation. Silver teaches the world about high-end video and video calibration. In addition to training thousands of people to be video experts, Silver serves as a consultant to consumer electronics manufactures and video broadcasters. He also serves on several committees for the Consumer Electronics Association.

Glasses Half Full

Yes, we're stuck with wearing glasses for TVs for at least the next five years, probably longer. But it's important to understand that not all 3D TV glasses are alike. Some displays use passive, polarized glasses, while others, most in fact, use battery-powered glasses with active LCD shutters.

Even more, the glasses for one brand of TV may not be compatible with another brand, and this year's glasses for brand X may not be compatible with next year's TV for band X. What does that mean to you?

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I have a 2010 Sony Bravia HX800 3dTV. It's excellent. Not perfect but 90% there and more than good enough for some good movie time and 3d gaming. Ghosting is the biggest concern for most people I guess but the ghosting on this set is minimal and not nearly as irritating as a lot of other forms of 3d to my eye. The ghosting when it does show up is like a faint light outline around high contrast areas which are at the extremes of the 3d range both near and far. With the better produced 3d content this is even less of an issue because they use depth of field correctly with stereoscopics.

I have had experience with 3d shutter glasses for years since the Eye 3d premium was released.

I would recommend this set and 3d experience to my friends and family as a reasonably affordable way to have a unique and fun home theater.
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