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Hi all,

5.5 years ago, I used this site to help me come to the conclusion to purchase a Powerlite Home 10+. Now I am back for help on a budget replacement. I am happy with Epson and like the 705HD for the same reasons

I liked the Home 10+ at the time: brightness (family room, not dedicated theater), cost of lamp, lamp life, warranty, no rainbows, etc. I have a few questions before I pull the trigger.

The only other PJ in my price range that I am looking at right now is the Optoma HD66.

I am currently throwing 140" diagonal at 17'6 "ceiling-mounted" from a book shelf. I can't go further up without an actual ceiling mount. I can't go any wider on the screen because of an exterior wall on one side and a divider wall on the other.

1. How much of a step up is either of these compared to 480p Home 10+ as far as actual lumens, contrast, blacks,

and screen door? If the upgrade is not huge, I could buy another bulb at $150 and hope the old Home10+ lasts another year.

2. Both seem to force me to ceiling mount because of the shorter throw-distances. The HD66 puts me at 150" diagonal, while the 705HD at 157" on a shelf at 17'6 feet away. Are these throw distance calculators THAT accurate, or is it thinkable that I could fit my picture into 140" at 17'6 using zoom? The numbers I am using are the far end of each calculated throw range.

3. All of my devices are component, but both PJs only do VGA or HDMI. Will the included adapter be enough to go component,

or will I need a converter?

4. Would it be reasonable to think I could get $100 on craigslist for a Home 10+ in fine working condition with functional


5, Would my old mount work for either of these?

6. Is there another pj at $600 that is better than the HD66 or 705HD when taking my needs into consideration?

7. What is the speed of the HD66 color wheel? I have seen different numbers. I think I am a likely candidate to see rainbows.

Thanks in advance!
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