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720p @ 24hz with ATI Radeon?

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I can't for my life find how to force my HD 3650 to display 1280x720 @ 24hz in CCC, 1920x1080 @ 24hz works just fine though.

Our projector is a 720p one, but it does play incoming 1080p24 signals without flinching (except from the obvious internal scaling to 720p24). But when playing 720p24 MKV it's indescribably stupid having to converting them first into 1080p24 on the HTPC just to let the projector reconvert them to 720p24 in order to get fluid 24hz. Surely there is a way to output 720p24 directly, but how?

Graphics card: HD 3650 (using DVI-to-HDMI converter)

Projector: DreamVision DreamWeaver

edit: If it's not possible to do 720p24 for whatever reason I wouldn't mind 720p PAL (50hz), but even if I found a way to speed up 24hz->25hz, how would I be able to speed up the digital DTS/DD5.1 output (via S/PDIF)?
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I haven't found a way to send 720p24. 720p50 should be easy, though. In CCC under the "HDTV Properties" go to HDTV support, select the 720p50 box, and you will then be able to select the 50Hz frequency in Display Manager while you are sending 1280x720.

I don't think S/PDIF can be modified, but audio isn't my forté
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What is the source material you have that is 720p/24 I am not aware of any.

Nor am I aware of any display that will accept 720p/24.

720p is either 720p/50 or 720/60 depending on you location.
Some people have posted that Tv dramas, which are shot 24p film and broadcast in the U.S. on say FOX or ABC, somehow retain the 24fps flag (I'm not convinced) that can be utilized, or cause stutter.

This 720p projector uses 120V 50/60Hz and can accept Component and RGB HDTV (720p, 1035i, 1080p, 1080p-24Hz) and vga 1280x1024. No mention of HDMI??? Just feed it 720p /50 or /60 and mess around with the settings like 2:2 2:3 pulldown and Auto/NTSC/PAL mode in the projector.
A while back I had 720p @ 24Hz and 48Hz working fine using Powerstrip. This was with a 2600 card. That's the only way you'll get that res at that refresh rate. I "think" Powerstrip now supports the 3xxx and 4xxx cards.
You had that with DVI/HDMI? Or VGA?

I always thought 720p24 was not an official format like 1080p24 and nothing supported it.

Originally Posted by el Filou /forum/post/15446368

You had that with DVI/HDMI? Or VGA?

I always thought 720p24 was not an official format like 1080p24 and nothing supported it.

It's not an "official" format but that doesn't stop some displays accepting pretty much anything you throw at them. This was with my pj by the way. It's highly unlikely you'll get a tv to accept anything other than the usual. But projectors will often accept all kinds of resolutions and refresh rates. This was with an hdmi connection.
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