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720p DVI output DVD

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TH-42PWD6UY & 720p DVI output DVD

Hi Folks

I am awaiting the arrival of my Panny TH-42PWD6UY, meanwhile I found a DVI output DVDplayer , Samsung Model,. This has 720p output which I believe this plasma screen (Industrial model) can process if I purchase addtional DVI input slot.

My Questions is will I note an improvement of visual significance over composite( digital-analog-digital) cable connection if I go all digital.

The cost for DVD player is $270 Plus about $160 for DVI input adapter,

Since I need to but a new DVD player I had budgeted for the sony at $130.

The extra cost to me looks about 200 dollars, will I appreciate this in my retinas......? Plus I suppose DVI input will come in useful in future.

Any thought much apprecaited.

the forum has been a great resource to me so far.

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the Samsung uses the PC standard DVI output for color mode (0-255)rather then the TV/HDTV standard (16-235). This causes "crushed blacks" on many HDTV's with dvi. Check if your set will allow color mode adjustment.

Samsung will be releasing a new dvi dvd player later this year, and its supposed to allow changing the color mode.
Bruce I apprecaite that insight, as far as colour mode adjustment, I am not certain that the Plasma screen allows for htis

I know it has "colour adjustment" based on another forum post of all adjustment options seen below, but you I suspect refer to something specifically relating to a certain "mode" shift.

Clearly then waiting and seeing maybe th ebetter option.

pic 4

Brite -6

Color -8

Tint -10

Sharp -1

Temp warm


Blk Extension -3

Input -12

High R -5

High B 9

Low R 12

Low B 12

Gamma 2.2

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