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720p LCD displaying 1080p with xbox elite???

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So here's the run down.

I have a xbox elite running hdmi out on a 37MF321D 720p/max res 1366 x 768. when i plugged in my xbox with RGB component cables the 360 defaults to 720p and says 720p in the corner of the tv, as soon as i plugged in the hdmi it defaults to 1080p and the tv says 1080p in the corner and i have no clue whats going on.

My question is what the hell is going on

is it just lieing to me or is it out putting 1080p and down scaling it to 720p?
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It is outputting at 1080p but being downscaled to 1366x768.

I would highly recommend keeping it that way, as 720p is actually 1280x720 meaning it's upscaled to 1366x768 on your TV. Downscaling is better than upscaling. I always have my 23" 720p set outputted at 1080i, since everything looks much sharper and cleaner than 720p. Only times I set it to 720p is with some (upconverted) DVD's, since 1080i gets some bad interlacing artifacts. That's only with DVD's though (from my own experiences).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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